How does RHI help providers?

We help providers by focusing on the patient. We recognize that each patient cannot convey all relevant health information to each doctor at every office visit. Yet this information is critical to guide a provider's decision-making and the care they give.

  • Drug safety messages inform the doctor, pharmacist and care manager of potentially dangerous drug-drug, drug-condition, drug-age or drug-dose interactions.
  • Care gap messages inform doctors and care managers of specific health care concerns for patients, and lack of compliance with treatment guidelines.
  • Coordination of care is achieved when we identify, for example, one person who is getting multiple prescriptions for medications from multiple providers.
These messages help improve safety, treatment effectiveness, medication adherence and more.

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When Manisha forgets to get her lab test, her doctor gets a message. So he knows that she is past the time when she should have had the test. We also let the doctor know when she stops refilling her prescriptions, which she has done in the past.