Drug Safety

Drug Safety and Effectiveness

RHI has designed a comprehensive drug safety program. This is available to pharmacy benefit management companies and health plans.

We work to prevent medication errors and to decrease emergency hospitalizations.

We work to improve medication effectiveness and safety.

Traditional programs and retail pharmacies typically check for potentially dangerous drug-drug interactions.

We offer a more comprehensive and personalized approach. Our analysis includes pharmacy claims, medical claims and laboratory results.

This thorough analysis identifies drug-drug, drug-condition, drug-age and drug-dose interactions, and polypharmacy issues.

We identify situations when a person is taking a prescription drug that may reduce the effectiveness of another drug. We alert the provider and the patient.

And when a person has failed to refill a prescription for an important medication – we send them a message.

RxSafety Alerts help reduce serious drug interactions

For serious issues, we send an alert to providers including the health plan and/or pharmacy benefit management company.