What is Resolution Health, Inc.?

Resolution Health, Inc. (RHI) analyzes the records of 38 million patients and their providers. RHI identifies those who can benefit from interventions that improve outcomes and the quality and affordability of care.

We use records of claims, benefits, eligibility, pharmacy, lab results, Health Risk Assessments, dental and vision visits, and other sources as they become available.

We run these data through our proprietary RHI Rules Engine. These “rules” are complex algorithms.

We take action based on the results of our rules

After we run the rules, we share results with our business partners.

We connect patients and providers through Direct-to-Member® and Direct-to-Provider® delivery channels.

We apply proven principles of Behavioral Economics in segmenting and messaging populations.

We develop behavioral models that leverage a wide range of patient-centric data.

Our award-winning communications are clear, effective and easy to read.

We use print, text, mobile, and portal messaging to reach consumers and providers where and when they need information.

Customized communications give specific, clear suggestions

Let’s take Dan, a health plan member with diabetes. Based on our analysis, it looks like has forgotten to get his A1c test.

Dan gets a message to check with his doctor about this.

Dan’s doctor gets a message that we have no claims for his test.

Dan’s care manager gets a message to help coordinate his care.

How we measure our success

Our approach has been proven to increase compliance with best practices, in both randomized and matched-control studies, demonstrating a positive return on investment (ROI).