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Clinical Quality

Quality measures are based on widely accepted, evidence-based guidelines. RHI’s Provider Quality Profiler® ...more

Medical Cost Management

The key to long-term savings in both medical trend and productivity: RHI delivers “total health care cost solutions” to your clients ...more

Engagement and Behavior Change

We help individuals get better, more cost-effective care ...more

About Us

Resolution Health, Inc. (RHI) analyzes the records of 38 million patients and their providers. RHI identifies those who can benefit from interventions that improve outcomes and the quality and affordability of care.

We use records of claims, benefits, eligibility, pharmacy, lab results, Health Risk Assessments, dental and vision visits, and …more

Clinical Programs and Services

Direct-to-Member® "We send a smarter patient to the doctor"

Direct-to-Provider® "We provide a more informed doctor for the patient"

Provider Quality Profiler® “We measure the quality of care”

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We address clinical quality and cost of care issues related to Behavioral Health, Care Management, Controlled Substances, Drug Safety, ER Utilization, Medication Adherence and more with hundreds of unique algorithms (rules).

Please contact Melissa Hughes to find out how RHI can help you.

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